Milk collection (all milks) and dairy products obtained - annual data

PRO Products obtained (1 000 t)
FAT Fat content (t)
PAT Protein content (t)
USM Utilization of skimmed milk and buttermilk (1 000 t)
UWM Utilization of whole milk (1 000 t)


D0110 Fresh products
D0120 Manufactured products
D0230D Other milk products (than milk, cream, skimmed milk and buttermilk) delivered to dairies
D1100DU Raw milk, total available on dairies (=total used)
D1100DLD Raw milk, differences and losses in dairies
D1100OUD Raw milk, other uses by dairies
D1110D Raw cows' milk delivered to dairies
D1120D Ewes' milk delivered to dairies
D1130D Goats' milk delivered to dairies
D1140D Buffalos' milk delivered to dairies
D1200D Raw cream delivered to dairies
D2000X Milk and cream in bulk: Exports
D2000Y Milk and cream in bulk: Exports intra-EU
D2100 Drinking milk
D2110 Raw drinking milk
D2120 Whole milk
D2120I Imports of whole milk (including raw milk)
D2120J Imports (intra-EU) of whole milk (including raw milk)
D2121 Whole milk pasteurised
D2122 Whole milk sterilised
D2123 Whole milk uperised
D2130 Partly skimmed milk
D2131 Partly skimmed milk pasteurised
D2132 Partly skimmed milk sterilised
D2133 Partly skimmed milk uperised
D2140 Skimmed milk
D2140RA Skimmed milk - returned to the farm
D2140I Imports of skimmed milk
D2140J Imports (intra-EU) of skimmed milk
D2141 Skimmed milk pasteurised
D2142 Skimmed milk sterilised
D2143 Skimmed milk uperised
D2200V Cream for direct consumption
D2201 Cream of fat content by weight not exceeding 29 %
D2202 Cream of fat content by weight over 29 %
D2200IME Imports of cream (in milk equivalent)
D2200JME Imports (intra-EU) of cream (in milk equivalent)
D3100 Powder products
D3100_X_3113 Milk and cream powders, excluding skimmed milk powders
D3111 Whole milk powder
D3112 Partly skimmed milk powder
D3113 Skimmed milk powder
D3120 Cream milk powder
D3130 Buttermilk powder
D3190 Other powder products
D3200 Concentrated milk
D3210 Concentrated milk not sweetened
D3220 Concentrated milk sweetened
D4100 Acidified milk (yoghurts and other)
D4110 Acidified milk with additives
D4120 Acidified milk without additives
D4200 Buttermilk
D5000 Whey
D5100 Whey (liquid)
D5200 Whey (concentrated)
D5300 Whey (in powder or in block)
D5400 Lactose (milk sugar)
D5500 Lactalbumin
D6000 Butter, incl. dehydrated butter and ghee, and other fats and oils derived from milk; dairy spreads
D6100 Butter
D6110 Traditional butter
D6120 Recombined butter
D6130 Whey butter
D6200 Rendered butter and butteroil
D6900 Other yellow fat dairy products
D6910 Reduced-fat butter
D6990 Other yellow fat dairy products (without Reduced-fat butter)
D7100 Cheese
D7111 Soft cheese
D7112 Medium soft cheese
D7113 Medium hard cheese
D7114 Hard cheese
D7115 Extra hard cheese
D7116 Fresh cheese
D7121 Cheese from cows'milk (pure)
D7122 Cheese from ewes milk (pure)
D7123 Cheese from goats milk (pure)
D7129 Others (cheese from buffalos'milk (pure) or mixed cheese)
D7200 Processed cheese
D9000I Imports of other products
D9000J Imports (intra-EU) of other products
D9100 Drinks with a milk base
D9200 Other fresh products (milk-based desserts, ice cream)
D9300 Caseins and caseinates
D9400 Chocolate crumb
D9900A Other products collected from farm

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