Urban Systems Studies: THE ACTIVE, BEAUTIFUL, CLEAN WATERS PROGRAMME: Water as an Environmental Asset

It reflects the severe dependency that once faced the young nation when survival was of prime importance. Through long-term planning, sheer hard work and innovation, we have transcended into an era where the value of water in enhancing urban environments is recognised. Today, Singapore is on its way to develop itself into a City of Gardens and Water. The Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters Programme is one initiative that has been designed with a strong focus on public engagement and bringing people closer to water. Singapore has already achieved the establishment of a robust drainage network through meticulous planning and investments in research and technology over the last 50 years. Meanwhile, people have also become more appreciative of their natural environment which is now intimately linked to their daily lives, be it a morning jog in the park or a picnic by the lake. Such a harmony of nature
and community is the best way to ensure the sustainability of our city

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