Mines list

How were these GPS points obtained?
I went to the website of the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) where I could download the list of all mines in the Western Cape. This was then filtered down for the following districts:


Only mines in those districts were kept. Then I reviewed the list and removed those that seemed obviously outside of Cape Town (because Malmesbury is half in/half out of CT). The following mines were removed:

PPC - RIEBEECK QUARRY -- located in Riebeeck
TRANS HEX DIAMOND TRADING -- no actual mine listed, seems just for the trading office
BP SA (PTY) LTD -- they seem to need a license for "sulphur" mining, but no mine liste

For other ones I used Google to find coordinates; only a handful but it's a start.

Are there any known data gaps?
There will be some mines that are outside of Cape Town's boundaries -- this applies to some but not all mines in the Malmesbury district. This should be reviewed. The coordinates from all mines should be obtained to see if they are in or out of Cape Town. The phone numbers can be found on the DMR site.


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