Programs for monitoring the water status in the Brussels-Capital Region in application of the Water Framework Ordinance

The Water Framework Directive (WFD) and the Water Framework Ordinance (KOW) prescribe, in their respective articles 8 and 37, that “programs [be drawn up] for monitoring the water status in order to obtain a coherent overall picture of the water status” within the international river basin district of the Scheldt.
These monitoring programs related to:
• The surface waters, and more specifically the 3 surface water bodies identified in the Brussels Region: the Canal, the Senne, and the Woluwe;
• The groundwater, and more specifically the 5 groundwater bodies that are indicated in the Brussels Region: the Plinth and the Cretaceous, the Plinth in the feeding zone, the Landenian, the Ypresian (hill zone), and the Brusselian;
• The protection zones.
These programs are drawn up by the Government or by Brussels Environment if the Government has authorized this institute.

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