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Data harvesting - Chicago

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I am working on data collection for Chicago city. All government sites have county-wide data rather than city-wide. So I am a little confused about what should I upload? Data of two counties, namely, Cook and DuPage county (Part of DuPage county) which makes the city of Chicago or for all counties which are there in Chicago Metropolitan Area which is known as Chicagoland.

Hi Nikita,

Thanks for letting us know. It is always tricky if data are available at a somewhat different level than the city boundaries proper! Quick question. In the datasets provided, will you be able to identify individual datapoints for individual counties? If so, am I correct to assume that if one wanted to get Chicago-data it would be a matter of summing the data for Cook and DuPage? Or is it impossible to convert county-level data into Chicago-proper data?

Please note that upscaling and downscaling is something that we are looking into as a 2021 priority. See here our plan. We furthermore have a group get-together on Monday when we kick-off work in this arena. If you are available, do join us and you can then bring these questions to the group which also gets it higher on our agenda.

I guess we can sum up the data. Sure I will join on Monday.

Great Nikita - chat to you on Monday!

I have already signed up for this sprint, but I did not receive a video link to join the group meeting. Can you please help me with this?

Hi Nikita,
Sorry about that. We are meeting here:


I am trying to get in touch with someone about this project. I am writing a piece about metabolism of cities and would like to understand more about how you work and how to help.

Hi Anders, we'll be in touch through e-mail - thanks!

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