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This might be a useful data source for shape files and broad datasets World Bank Data Catalog

Came across this tool called Tombolo – a visualisation tool which provides the functionality to pull together different place-based datasets and visualise them in one single place. Thought it might be interesting more here

Explainer video here

Hello hello,
Would it be possible to activate Geneva as a new city of the hub?

I have some suggestions for the Data Hub...
It might be useful to add the country aside to the City name. It would simplify the search for information and get to the context faster.
I also think it may be useful to add the possibility of description in point 1.1 City boundaries. This because the system studied is not always a city, and for someone who has not collected the data it might be useful to know why a certain area has been chosen.

Thank you :-)

I would like to know if we could activate the city of Rio de Janeiro in order to be able to enter new information in the hub ?

Thank you !

Hi Nicole and Thomas, thanks for the messages!
Nicole: we have now changed 1.1 to "Administrative boundaries", and we are looking at adding the country for each city - thanks!
Thomas: we have added Rio de Janeiro. You can find the dashboard here.

Is it possible to open a channel for Glasgow to enter new info on the city in the hub?
Thank you!

Hi Anders,
Thanks for your interest! We have activated Glasgow. It will appear in the public site a bit later today, that takes a few hours to sync. But you can already start working on the city if you'd like using the link:


Hi, is it possible to activate Hong Kong in order to add info on it ? Air pollution ect...

Hi Alexandre,

We have activated Hong Kong!


Hello !
Just a small note, I saw that when you have a lot of data processed, you can't scroll down the legend in the master map.
Best regards,

Thanks Nicole! It's a point we have on our radar, I just made a task for this and we'll look into it soon!

Hi Paul,
could you check the diagram generated for the dataset "Emisiones de gases de efecto de invernadero (GEI), por sectores" for Madrid? The Legend (in the area graph) contains the content from the comment fields, but it should rather contain the segment. Or it could be an option to select in the graph settings.
Might be a general issue, did not check this out yet.


I just discovered and see now that Stockholm, Sweden is not yet on the list.

I'm working on a spectrum of development projects associated to the SDG's and would like to see my own home town on the list here.

There's several institutions, communities, networks and groups in Stockholm harbouring interests as well as competence to join into a collaboration around data collection, verification and maintenance for the Stockholm administrative area.

Adding Stockholm to the list would provide a great opportunity to prompt these interests into action on providing data for Stockholm.

If you have a pitch or argumentation to include in communications with local stakeholders, please also share that, else one may compose an all new one for the purpose of engaging local actors.

Thank you

Dear Jean,

Thanks for your message and interest! We have activated Stockholm. It may take a day for the city to appear on our public dashboard, but you can already start working on uploading data etc.

We don't have a generic pitch for local stakeholders. That may be something we should work on for sure, but I don't think anyone has done this yet. So feel free to reach out as you best see fit. And if you have any suggestions on this approach that you'd like to share with others, please do so!

Good luck!

Hey Paul, would it be possible to activate Bordeaux (and/or its metropolitan area?).
Also, what do you think is the best approach when we want to study a city and its metro area. Should both be part of the same dashboard or should they have separate ones? I'm asking as I might want to start a Paris metropolitan area as well where Paris (the boundaries we already have) would be one of its MTUs.

Hey Paul,
I don't know whether I should ask you for creating the portal of Zürich as well? Should I try doing it myself? Now that Carolin has shown me the ropes I could do it.

Hi Aris, please add them yourself. But for now let's focus on cities unless we have a very very good reason to add regions and we are unable to channel that energy into the cities.

Ok thanks. I will give it a try and let you know. Well it's not regions but metropolitan areas. Technically it is still cities. The question was, what is the best way to do the data collection. All in one or separate ones?

Let's discuss this eve in our meeting.

Hey Paul and Carolin,
small question. So I'm about to activate the city Zürich as a reference space. The thing is we already have one reference space for "Zurich" which is a dot on the map (well positioned) AND one reference space for "Zürich" which is actually the canton of Zürich (which is probably the NUTS3 boundary).
Which one of the two should I activate to create the portal?
Also to be more correct both the city and the canton should be named "Zürich" (with umlauts). Should I therefere rename the reference space of "Zurich" to "Zürich (city)" and activate that one?

Hi Aris, we didn't get round to discussing things in detail in our meeting so let's continue the conversation here (as not to fill up this page with our more internal discussions). Thanks!


Would it be possible to activate Monterrey Mexico as a new city of the hub?


Hi Wendy,

Thanks for your message and interest! We have activated Monterrey here:

You can start uploading data and information using that link. We would love to learn more about what your plans are and what your background is. Be sure to introduce yourself in the forum when you feel like it - would be great to connect.

Good luck!

Hi can you please activate Vadodara in the data hub it is a small city in the state of Gujarat in India and i am planning to do an urban metabolism study integrated with LCA for my master thesis and thought it makes sense to accumulate all the data about the city at one particular point?

Hi Dhruv,

Thanks for your message -- we have activated Vadodara! You can find the dashboard here. Your master thesis sounds very interesting, please do share more details of the work in the forum!

Hi there,
Would it be possible to activate Brighton, UK ?

Many thanks, Anna

Hi Anna,

Thanks for your interest, Brighton was activated! You can find it here:


Fab - thank you!

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