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Biodiversity Webpage
Detail of soil types in the district Image
Distric Census handbook Part A Journal Article
Distric Census handbook Part A Book Directorate of census operation
Distric Census handbook Part A Book
Distric Census handbook Part A Book
Distric Census handbook Part A Book
Distric Census handbook Part A Book
Distric Census handbook Part B Report DIRECTORATE OF CENSUS OPERATIONS
District Census Handbook Part B Report Directorate of Census Operations
District Survey Report Report Vadodara Offices of Geologist
District survey report Report
Municipal Corporation website Webpage
Population data in tabular format Webpage Directorate of Census Operations
Soil Type Webpage Krishi Vigyan Kendra
Vadodara city economy Webpage

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Maratha Palace, Vadodara.
Image | Edit
Tanay Bhatt - Trabajo propio 2012


This layer is about providing context around the city: placement in the region, geodata, spatial boundaries, population numbers over several years, GDP, economic activities, etc.

Data and information to obtain

1.1. Administrative boundaries 0
1.2. Economic activity - descriptions 1
1.3. Economic activity - figures 1
1.4. Population 2
1.5. Policy documents 0
1.6. Actors 0

This layer looks at the biophysical properties of the city, including soil, land, ecosystems, climatological characteristics, geology, and more.

Data and information to obtain

2.1. Soil type and composition 3
2.2. Trees 1
2.3. Biodiversity 2
2.4. Bodies of water 2
2.5. Average temperatures 1
2.6. Rainfall 1
2.7. Mineral deposits 1

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