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Cities and greenhouse gas emissions: moving forward Journal Article Hoornweg et al. 2011

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Title Author(s) Year Tag(s)
Decoupling density from tallness in analysing the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of cities
Journal Article | Edit
Pomponi et al. 2021 Case StudyGreenhouse Gas (GHG) Accounting
Methods for Downscaling National Material Consumption Data to the Regional and Municipal Levels
Journal Article | Edit
Lavers Westin et al. 2020 Methods
Combining material flow analysis with life cycle assessment to identify environmental hotspots of urban consumption
Journal Article | Edit
Westin et al. 2019 Case StudyHybrid MFA-LCAUrbanZotero2
Benchmarking urban eco-efficiency and urbanites' perception
Journal Article | Edit
Gudipudia et al. 2018 Urban
Urban Atlas - Building Height 2012
Dataset | Edit
2018 Construction Materials
Reprint of: Urban metabolism profiles. An empirical analysis of the material flow characteristics of three metropolitan areas in Sweden
Journal Article | Edit
Rosado et al. 2017 Carbon dioxide (CO2)Case StudyConstruction MaterialsIndicators - generalTime seriesUrbanUrban Metabolism Analyst Model (UMan)
Monitoring Urban Copper Flows in Stockholm, Sweden: Implications of Changes Over Time
Journal Article | Edit
Amneklev et al. 2016 Case StudyCopperSubstance Flow Analysis (SFA)Time seriesUM review paper importUrban
Resource consumption drivers and pathways to reduction: economy, policy and lifestyle impact on material flows at the national and urban scale
Journal Article | Edit
Kalmykova et al. 2016 Case StudyNationalPolicyUrban
Stockholm City Hall, Stockholm, Sweden.
Image | Edit
Jonatan Svensson Glad 2016
Urban metabolism profiles. An empirical analysis of the material flow characteristics of three metropolitan areas in Sweden
Journal Article | Edit
Rosado et al. 2016 Case StudyConstruction MaterialsDirect Material Consumption (DMC)Domestic extraction (DE)Fossil FuelsGreenhouse Gases (GHGs)Imports and ExportsMetalsMineralsResearch and AnalysisTime seriesUM review paper importUrbanUrban Metabolism Analyst Model (UMan)
Implementing Smart Urban Metabolism in the Stockholm Royal Seaport: Smart City SRS
Journal Article | Edit
Shahrokni et al. 2015 Case StudyUrban
Uncertainty in Material Flow Analysis Indicators at Different Spatial Levels
Journal Article | Edit
Patrício et al. 2015 Case StudyIndicators - generalMethodMulti-scaleNationalSingle point in timeSub-nationalTime seriesUM review paper importUncertaintyUrbanUrban Metabolism Analyst Model (UMan)Zotero import
Urban Economies Resource Productivity and Decoupling: Metabolism Trends of 1996--2011 in Sweden, Stockholm, and Gothenburg
Journal Article | Edit
Kalmykova et al. 2015 Case StudyDecouplingEconomy-Wide Material Flow Analysis (EW-MFA)NationalTime seriesUrban
Action Research in Waste Management: Application to Construction and Demolition Waste in the Stockholm Region
Conference Paper | Edit
Nils Brandt Graham Aid 2010 UrbanWaste (sector)
What can we learn from local substance flow analyses? The review of cadmium flows in Swedish municipalities
Journal Article | Edit
Lindqvist and von Malmborg 2004 CadmiumCase StudySingle point in timeSubstance Flow Analysis (SFA)UM review paper importUrban
Stockhome: A Spreadsheet Model of Urban Heavy Metal Metabolism
Journal Article | Edit
J. Hedbrant 2001 CadmiumCase StudyChromiumCopperLeadMaterial Flow Analysis (MFA)MercuryNickelTime seriesUM review paper importUrbanZincZotero import
Urban Metal Flows - A Case Study of Stockholm. Review and Conclusions
Journal Article | Edit
Bergbäck et al. 2001 Case StudyMetalsSingle point in timeSubstance Flow Analysis (SFA)Urban
Material Flow Accounting and Information for Environmental Policies in the City of Stockholm
Conference Paper | Edit
Burström et al. 1997 Case StudyEconomy-Wide Material Flow Analysis (EW-MFA)MethodUrban
Lead and zinc flows from technosphere to biosphere in a city region
Journal Article | Edit
Palm and Östlund 1996 Case StudyLeadMaterial Flow Analysis (MFA)UM review paper importUrbanZinc


This layer is about providing context around the city: placement in the region, geodata, spatial boundaries, population numbers over several years, GDP, economic activities, etc.

Data and information to obtain

1.1. Administrative boundaries 0
1.2. Economic activity - descriptions 0
1.3. Economic activity - figures 0
1.4. Population 0
1.5. Policy documents 0
1.6. Actors 0

This layer looks at the biophysical properties of the city, including soil, land, ecosystems, climatological characteristics, geology, and more.

Data and information to obtain

2.1. Soil type and composition 0
2.2. Trees 0
2.3. Biodiversity 0
2.4. Bodies of water 0
2.5. Average temperatures 0
2.6. Rainfall 0
2.7. Mineral deposits 0

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