PUB Singapore awards $433M biosolids treatment contract to Sembcorp Design and Construction

These facilities will form the key interface between Tuas WRP and the National Environment Agency’s (NEA) Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF). Collectively, Tuas WRP and IWMF are known as Tuas Nexus, Singapore's first initiative that integrates water and solid waste treatment processes to harness synergies of the water-energy-waste nexus.

At Tuas WRP’s biosolids treatment facility, used water sludge will be co-digested with IWMF’s food waste to increase the yield of biogas, which will then be combusted at the IWMF to boost power generation and improve its overall plant energy efficiency. The IWMF will thereby be able to generate more electricity. The total electricity generated at the IWMF will be sufficient to power 300,000 four-room HDB apartments. A portion of this will be used to operate Tuas WRP and IWMF, which will make the whole Tuas Nexus complex fully energy self-sufficient. The rest will be sold to the grid.

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