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Layer 3: Infrastructure

3.01. Agriculture

Farms are the primary type of infrastructure in Agriculture. Try to obtain either the shapefiles with the boundaries of the farmed land, or alternatively insights into farm size if the boundaries are unavailable. Note that infrastructure like grain silos or other storage facilities should go in the Storage section, and actual processing of food should go in the Food manufacturing section.


Title Type Author(s) Year
IoT-enabled farms and climate-adaptive agriculture technologies: Investment lessons from Singapore Book Montesclaros et al. 2019 Add image
The Evolving Singapore Agrifood Ecosystem Report Paul Teng and Powell 2019 Add image
The Function of Agrotechnology Parks in Singapore Image World agriculture 2018
Agricultural land (% of land area) - Singapore Food and Agriculture Organization Dataset The World bank 2016 Add image
Sustaining Singapore’s Farming Heritage Presentation Dr Ngiam Tong Tau 2016 Add image
Agriculture Map 2010 Add image

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