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Layer 2: Biophysical characteristics

2.5. Average temperatures

Try to obtain reports or data on temperature averages that are representative for the entire system. This can come from the primary weather station, or perhaps data from multiple stations need to be included. Ultimately we are looking for monthly averages for at least one and up to five recent years. Historic averages can be useful but are not required.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Climate of Singapore Webpage Metrological service Singapore Add image
SINGAPORE CLIMATE (SINGAPORE) Data visualisation Climate data org 2019 Add image
Why Singapore Is Heating Up 2x Faster Than The Planet Video Recording cna insider 2019 Add image
ANNUAL CLIMATE ASSESSMENT 2017 SINGAPORE Report Meteorological service Singapore. center for climate research Singapore 2017 Add image
Effect of weather conditions and weather forecast on cycling travel behavior in Singapore Journal Article Meng et al. 2016 Add image
Surface Air Temperature - Monthly Mean Dataset National Environment Agency 2016 Add image
The weather and climate of Singapore Book Loke :National Environment Agency Ng 2012 Add image

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