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Layer 2: Biophysical characteristics

2.1. Soil type and composition

What kind of topsoil is present (e.g. clay or sand)? Ideally, the classification uses the International soil classification system, but data availability may vary. Shapefiles are the ideal format but may not always be available. In any case try to look for descriptive reports that describe the local soil characteristics. For those unfamiliar with soil types, the FAO Soils Portal is a fantastic reference to learn more.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Gardening Resources Webpage National parks Flora & Fauna web 2019 Add image
Towards the standardization and harmonization of world soil data 2015 Dataset E et al. 2015 Add image
Geology of Singapore Presentation Dr Cai Jun Gang 2012 Add image
Engineering properties of Singapore old alluvium Thesis Ni Quing 2005 Add image
Characteristics of residual soils in Singapore as formed by weathering Journal Article Rahardjoa et al. 2004 Add image
Soil Map Of Republic Of Singapore Map Survey Department Singapore 1977 Add image
A survey on the occurrence of epiterranean soil algae in Singapore island Report Anne Johnson 1973 Add image

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