Manejo del recurso hídrico y estrategias de gestión integral en la microcuenca del río Mijitayo. Fuentes contaminación y calidad del recurso hídrico

The study was carried out in the Mijitayo river microwatershed, Pasto, Colombia. The objective was to identify sources of contamination and determine the quality of water as important elements for management decisions. Three scenaries were considered: the Mijitayo river and Midoro and Juanambu creeks. The main sources of contamination identified were discharges from septic tanks, domestic laundry and garbage, Diffuse contamination was mainly due to agriculture and livestock. Mijitayo river showed the highest leveles of contamination caused by human action in both rural and urban communities. Water quality declined downstream in the three scenarios, water contamination has rapidly increased during the past two years.

Recursos Naturales y Ambiente (2009)/no. 56-57: 51-58

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