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Layer 2: Biophysical characteristics

2.6. Rainfall

Rainfall data, ideally from local authorities, that should ultimately allow us to calculate monthly averages for every month of the year. Data should be available for at least 5 recent years - up to 10 is also useful. Historic data can be added as a bonus. Reports on extreme events (droughts, floods) can also be of use.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Gestion de l'eau à Paris Webpage Mairie de Paris Add image
Carte zonage pluvial de Paris Map Paris and ParisPluie 2019 Add image
Rendre la pluie 100% utile Presentation Mairie de Paris 2019 Add image
Rapport annuel 2018 eau et assainissement Report Marie de Paris 2018 Add image

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Paul please delete the first entry, I saved it without uploading the map. Sorry about that!

Hi Sharon, no problem. The entry was deleted. Also note that you can edit the uploaded records too, and that way you can add a forgotten attachment.

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