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Layer 3: Infrastructure

3.29. Retail and wholesale

Supermarkets, wholesale distributors, fresh produce markets, and other retail stores are omnipresent in most societies. Finding information on this is hard, but not impossible. Identifying the most important companies in the field is helpful, and in many places there will be industry reports or studies that have been done around these topics. Consulting websites of the top retailers may provide an overview of all outlets.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Carte des supermarchés - District de Lausanne Map Supermarchés en Suisse Google Maps 2020 Add image
Etude indépendante sur la situation et l’avenir du commerce lausannois - Le commerce indépendant et de proximité Thesis Claude Grin 2017 Add image
Situation du commerce lausannois Report Ville de Lausanne Direction de la sécurité et de l’économie Service de l’économie Office d’appui économique et statistique 2017 Add image

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