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Layer 3: Infrastructure

3.26. Mining

Mines (operating or closed) where any type of mineral is being extracted. In most countries mining operations are closely monitored and there will be a government entity that holds this kind of information. Exact locations and details may or may not be available, but at a minimum it should be possible to find a descriptive report on the mining operations that may exist within the system boundaries.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Gravières et carrières au bénéfice d'un permis cantonal d'exploitation, 1995-2019 Dataset STATVD 2020 Add image
Plan directeur des carrières Shapefile Etat de Vaud 2019 Add image
Programme De Gestion Des Carrières 2016 - PGCar 2016 Report Canton de Vaud. Département du territoire et de l’environnement (DTE). Direction générale de l’environnement (DGE). 2016 Add image

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