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Layer 3: Infrastructure

3.03. Electricity generation

Electricity production facilities may include individual wind turbines or large-scale wind parks, solar parks/farms, roof-top solar panels, power plants, etc.


Title Type Author(s) Year
EolJorat Sud - Projet Parc Eolien Webpage SI-REN SA Add image
Installation de production d'électricité en Suisse Shapefile Office fédéral de l'énergie OFEN 2021 Add image
Carte des installations solaires photovoltaïques de SI-REN Map SI-REN SA Google Maps 2020 Add image
Electricity and thermal energy production plant in Lausanne and its Region GPS Coordinates Nicole Wiedmann 2020 Add image
Rapport de gestion SiL, 2019 Report Direction des Services Industriels Lausannois Ville de Lausanne 2019 Add image

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