Shapefile Kigali District Boundaries

This shapefile was created while dividing the country into Enumeration Area for the 2012 Population and housing census. Then sector boundaries together with other administrative boundaries form the spatial sampling frame used for statistics study in National institute of Statistics of Rwanda.

Province boundary shapefile contains province boundaries for Rwanda since 2006. The shapefile was created in 2006 and updated by the 2012 census mapping. The census mapping started in 2011 and ended in 2012, where a team of 80 field staff collected census and administrative boundaries up to the lowest administrative level which is "Umudugudu". Boundaries were adjusted in the GIS lab using the 2008-2009 Orthophotos taken by the Rwanda Natural Resource Authority. Rwanda has four provinces (Eastern Province, Northern Province, Southern Province, Western Province) and Kigali City as Capital City of Rwanda.


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