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Title Type Author(s) Year
2019 Annual Report for the Vancouver Landfill Report City of Vancouver 2020
Water consumption per capita Dataset City of Vancouver 2020
2018 Annual Report for the Vancouver Landfill Report City of Vancouver 2019
Household spending, Canada, regions and provinces Dataset Statistics Canada 2018
Census local area profiles 2016 Dataset City of Vancouver Statistics Canada 2016
Cities and greenhouse gas emissions: moving forward Journal Article Hoornweg et al. 2011
A LiDAR-based urban metabolism approach to neighbourhood scale energy and carbon emissions modelling Report Christen et al. 2010

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Title Author(s) Year Tag(s)
Understanding your city by understanding its flow: towards Participatory Urban Metabolism Information Systems
Webpage | Edit
Sven Eberlein None
City of Vancouver
Image | Edit
Adi Kavazovic 2019
An urban metabolism and ecological footprint assessment of Metro Vancouver
Journal Article | Edit
Moore et al. 2013 Carbon dioxide (CO2)Case StudyEcological Footprint (EF)EnergyFoodFood and agricultureFossil FuelsSingle point in timeSub-nationalUM review paper importUrbanWaterWater (sector)


This layer is about providing context around the city: placement in the region, geodata, spatial boundaries, population numbers over several years, GDP, economic activities, etc.

Data and information to obtain

1.1. Administrative boundaries 0
1.2. Economic activity - descriptions 0
1.3. Economic activity - figures 0
1.4. Population 1
1.5. Policy documents 0
1.6. Actors 0

This layer looks at the biophysical properties of the city, including soil, land, ecosystems, climatological characteristics, geology, and more.

Data and information to obtain

2.1. Soil type and composition 0
2.2. Trees 0
2.3. Biodiversity 0
2.4. Bodies of water 0
2.5. Average temperatures 0
2.6. Rainfall 0
2.7. Mineral deposits 0

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