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Layer 4: Stocks and flows

4.13. Flows: Water

All flows of water within the territory. These include the extraction of water from the natural environment, the amount of water moving into water treatment plants and reservoirs, and water consumption within the territory (please give the latter also the Consumption tag). Rainwater harvesting is also relevant in certain areas. Wastewater flows into wastewater treatment plants as well as the flows out of wastewater treatment works are also key.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Memoria Anual 2018 _Producción de agua potable año 2018 Report Seda Chimbote S.A. 2018 Add image
Plan maestro optimizado sedachimbote sa - Sunass 2008- 2037 ( Regional) Report EPS SEDACHIMBOTE S.A 2007 Add image

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