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Title Type Author(s) Year
United States Counties Division Shapefile U.S. Census Bureau 2018
United States States Division Shapefile U.S. Census Bureau 2018

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These items were uploaded but not (yet) linked to a specific layer

Title Author(s) Year Tag(s)
View of Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Image | Edit
Diego Delso 2020
Metabolism of Global Cities: London, Manchester, Chicago
Book Section | Edit
Friedmann and Harriet 2018 Case StudyUrban
Exploring the energy use drivers of 10 cities at microscale level
Journal Article | Edit
et al. 2017 5.2. Academic work
City of Chicago's open data portal
Data portal | Edit
City of Chicago 2012
Contrasting water footprints of cities in China and the United States
Journal Article | Edit
Jenerette et al. 2006 Case StudyComparisonEcological Footprint (EF)UM review paper importUrbanWaterWater Footprint (WF)


This layer is about providing context around the city: placement in the region, geodata, spatial boundaries, population numbers over several years, GDP, economic activities, etc.

Data and information to obtain

1.1. Administrative boundaries 2
1.2. Economic activity - descriptions 0
1.3. Economic activity - figures 0
1.4. Population 0
1.5. Policy documents 0
1.6. Actors 0

This layer looks at the biophysical properties of the city, including soil, land, ecosystems, climatological characteristics, geology, and more.

Data and information to obtain

2.1. Soil type and composition 0
2.2. Trees 0
2.3. Biodiversity 0
2.4. Bodies of water 0
2.5. Average temperatures 0
2.6. Rainfall 0
2.7. Mineral deposits 0

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