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Title Type Author(s) Year
Building Footprints (Current) Webpage Chicago Data Portal
Central Area Plan Webpage City of Chicago
Chicago Climate Data Dataset NOAA National Centres For Environmental Information - National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration
Chicago River System Map Webpage Friends of THe Chicago River
Chicago, IL Temperature Records Webpage
City of Chicago :: Made in Chicago Webpage City of Chicago
Consumer Expenditures for the Chicago Metropolitan Area: 2018-19 Webpage U.S. Bureau of Labour Statics
Cook County Mineral Deposit Dataset USGS science for a changing world
Drinking water source coordination Webpage Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning
DuPage County Mineral Dataset Dataset USGS science for a changing world
Ecosystem Evolution Webpage Grimm and Chicago
Electric Power Transmission Line Webpage EIA
Fish Stocking Reports Webpage Illinois Department of Natural Resources Forest Preserves of Cook County
Illinois Department of Transport - GIS dataset Webpage Illinois Department of Transportation
Illinois EPA Landfill Webpage IEPA - Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Open Data from the CTA - CTA Webpage Authority and Chicago
Sewers and Water: Underground Chicago Webpage Library and Chicago
Smart Grid for a Smart Chicago Webpage City of Chicago
Transfer Stations Report EPA
Underground Line Powers Urban Chicago Webpage T&D World
Urban aquaculture in Chicago Webpage Odd Grydeland
World Business Chicago Webpage World Business Chicago
Bars in Chicago Dataset City of Chicago 2021
Building Permit Dataset Chicago Data Portal 2021
CHICAGO WATER QUALITY PLANS Report management and health 2021
Chicago Water Quality: Lead Plans Report City of Chicago 2021
Chicago_Population_Counts Dataset City of Chicago 2021
Crude Oil Pipelines Shapefile EIA 2021
NfdcFacilities in Chicago Dataset Federal Aviation Administration 2021
Petroleum Product Pipelines Shapefile EIA 2021
Petroleum Product Terminals Shapefile EIA 2021
QuickFacts June-06-2021 (Chicago Population) Dataset United States Census Bureau 2021
Restaurants in Chicago Dataset City of Chicago 2021
Soil Survey - Cook County Shapefile AGRICULTURE and Service 2021
Soil Survey - DuPage County Shapefile United States Department of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service 2021
2020 Chicago Region Tree Census Report Report THE MORTON ARBORETUM 2020
Electricity Generation - Cook and DuPage County, IL Dataset EIA - Independent Statistics & Analysis U.S. Energy Information Administration 2020
Waterways in Chicago Shapefile City of Chicago 2020
Control of Emissions from Handling and Storing Bulk Materials Report Health et al. 2019
USA State Population Totals and Components of Change: 2010-2019 Dataset United States Census Bureau 2019
United States Counties Division Shapefile U.S. Census Bureau 2018
United States States Division Shapefile U.S. Census Bureau 2018
2017| Census of Agriculture - Illinois State and County Data Report Agriculture et al. 2017
County Summary Highlights Report National Agricultural Statistics Service United States Department of Agriculture 2017
Illinois Forests 2015 Report Agriculture et al. 2017
Lake Michigan Water Allocation, Water Supplied and Non-Revenue Water Summary Dataset Department of Natural Resources 2017
Implementing Urban Agriculture in Chicago Report Zoning and Land Use Planning – Sustainable Development Division; Kathleen Dickhut 2016
Urban_Farms Dataset Chicago Data Portal 2013
Average_Daily_Trafic_Counts - The City of Chicago Dataset City of Chicago 2010
Chicago's Manufacturing Base Report 2010
Assessing Urban Forest Effects and Values Report NOWAK et al. 2009
Eat_Local_Live_Healthy Report City of Chicago and Development 2006
Chicago's Urban Forest Ecosystem: Results of the Chicago Urban Forest Climate Project Report McPherson et al. 1994

Untagged items

These items were uploaded but not (yet) linked to a specific layer

Title Author(s) Year Tag(s)
River map on Building
Image | Edit
Nikita Patel 2021
View of Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Image | Edit
Diego Delso 2020
Image | Edit
Zakarie Faibis 2019
Metabolism of Global Cities: London, Manchester, Chicago
Book Section | Edit
Harriet Friedmann 2018 Case StudyUrban
Exploring the energy use drivers of 10 cities at microscale level
Journal Article | Edit
et al. 2017 5.2. Academic work
City of Chicago's open data portal
Data portal | Edit
City of Chicago 2012
Contrasting water footprints of cities in China and the United States
Journal Article | Edit
Jenerette et al. 2006 Case StudyComparisonEcological Footprint (EF)UM review paper importUrbanWaterWater Footprint (WF)


This layer is about providing context around the city: placement in the region, geodata, spatial boundaries, population numbers over several years, GDP, economic activities, etc.

Data and information to obtain

1.1. Administrative boundaries 2
1.2. Economic activity - descriptions 1
1.3. Economic activity - figures 1
1.4. Population 3
1.5. Policy documents 3
1.6. Actors 0

This layer looks at the biophysical properties of the city, including soil, land, ecosystems, climatological characteristics, geology, and more.

Data and information to obtain

2.1. Soil type and composition 2
2.2. Trees 2
2.3. Biodiversity 3
2.4. Bodies of water 2
2.5. Average temperatures 2
2.6. Rainfall 1
2.7. Mineral deposits 2

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Discussion and questions

I am working on data collection for Chicago city. All government sites have county-wide data rather than city-wide. So I am a little confused about what should I upload? Data of two counties, namely, Cook and DuPage county (Part of DuPage county) which makes the city of Chicago or for all counties which are there in Chicago Metropolitan Area which is known as Chicagoland.

Hi Nikita,

Thanks for letting us know. It is always tricky if data are available at a somewhat different level than the city boundaries proper! Quick question. In the datasets provided, will you be able to identify individual datapoints for individual counties? If so, am I correct to assume that if one wanted to get Chicago-data it would be a matter of summing the data for Cook and DuPage? Or is it impossible to convert county-level data into Chicago-proper data?

Please note that upscaling and downscaling is something that we are looking into as a 2021 priority. See here our plan. We furthermore have a group get-together on Monday when we kick-off work in this arena. If you are available, do join us and you can then bring these questions to the group which also gets it higher on our agenda.

I guess we can sum up the data. Sure I will join on Monday.

Great Nikita - chat to you on Monday!

I have already signed up for this sprint, but I did not receive a video link to join the group meeting. Can you please help me with this?

Hi Nikita,
Sorry about that. We are meeting here:


I am trying to get in touch with someone about this project. I am writing a piece about metabolism of cities and would like to understand more about how you work and how to help.

Hi Anders, we'll be in touch through e-mail - thanks!

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