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Layer 1: Context

1.2. Economic activity - descriptions

Locate a document or various documents that provide sector descriptions for your location. The key sectors that make up the bulk of economic activity should be described. This document does not need to be exclusively dedicated to describing these sectors, but it must provide an insightful breakdown of the local economy. Note that this is not about data (numbers), but we are instead looking for a descriptive document.

Economic reports of the city or area, or more general "city profile" reports from the government may be a good place to start.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Bogotá: una economía sólida y dinámica Webpage Alcaldía_de_Bogotá Add image
Economía dinámica, incluyente e innovadora (Crecimiento económico) Webpage Cámara_de_Comercio_de_Bogotá(2018) Add image
¿Cómo le fue a la economía bogotana? 2019 Report Observatorio_de_desarrollo_económico 2019 Add image
Actividades económicas 2015 II Trimestre Report Secretaría_Distrital_de_Hacienda 2015 Add image

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