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Layer 3: Infrastructure

3.31. Water and sanitation

All infrastructure related to potable water production and distribution, as well as wastewater management. This includes dams and water extraction sites, water reservoirs, treatment plants and pumping stations. The piping network (reticulation system), as well as wastewater treatment plants and marine outfalls should also be included.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Esquema Gráfico Simplificado de la Prestación del Servicio de Alcantarillado de Barranquilla Image Somos Triple A 2020
Esquema Gráfico Simplificado del Servicio de Acueducto para Barranquilla Image Empresa de Servicios Públicos Triple A 2020
Infraestructuras de captación y potabilización del agua y de tratamiento de aguas residuales para Barranquilla GPS Coordinates Jorge Vásquez Muñoz 2020 Add image

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