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Layer 2: Biophysical characteristics

2.4. Bodies of water

Lakes, rivers, streams, and other bodies of water present within the area of study. This could be in the form of a shapefile, or more descriptive reports. Information on water quality is useful.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Planta de abastecimento de água Data visualisation Câmara Municipal de Anadia 2019 Add image
Municipality Director Plan - 1st Revision - 2015 - CM Anadia Report Câmara Municipal de Anadia - CMA 2015 Add image
Anadia Superficial water bodies Shapefile APA - Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente 2006 Add image
Rede hidrográfica GeoCodificada Shapefile Instituto Superior Técnico (Departamento de Engenharia Civil e Arquitectura) 2006 Add image

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